Ako Oranga

Term Dates 2020

Term 1 … 04 February – 27 March
Term 2 … 15 April – 03 July
Term 3 … 20 July – 25 September
Term 4 … 12 October – 16 December
Our School will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, during term breaks and the following Public Holidays:
  • Waitangi Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Easter Tuesday
  • Queen’s Birthday
  • Labour Day

School Hours

Enter School Grounds … 8.30 am
Morning Session… 8.55 am to 10.35 am
Interval Break … 10.35 am to 10.55 am
Mid Session … 10.55 am to 12.30pm
Lunch Break … 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm
Afternoon Session … 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm
School hours are subject to Board Policy changes but all parents will be consulted if this occurs.


School uniform is compulsory for all students and is available for purchase from UniformNZ. You can visit their showroom at 82 Airport Avenue or order online here.  All online orders will be delivered to the school office on Fridays. 

We have a small amount of second-hand items available for sale at the school office. 

Please clearly name all clothing. 

If parents are keeping a child home from school for any reason they must inform the school office before 9.00am.  All absences must include a reason please (i.e. unwell, appointment, holiday).

Parents will be contacted by the school if an absence has not been reported to the school office to ensure their child is safe.

If your child is in an accident or is sick, our staff will assess the situation, apply basic medical treatment if required, and contact you accordingly.

Full school assembly is held every second Friday at 2.15pm in the school hall.  Parents are welcome to attend if they wish.

On enrolment you will be sent an email inviting you to install our parent app.  We will use this app to share information and opportunities for your child/ren, as well as a form of contact in case of emergency.  We strongly recommend you install this app.

To find the app on Google Play or Apple Store search ETAP then click on the orange @school icon.

Each class teacher and students will develop a set of positive Classroom Rules.

The NZ Police recommend that children should be aged 10 years or over to ride their bike to school independently. Locking of bicycles in stands is recommended. Children must not cycle on footpaths. Children must wear cycle helmets.

We have a number of ways you can find out about what’s happening at school:

Staff – Feel free to call in to classrooms to talk to us, or make an appointment

Notices/Newsletters – These can be found on our parent app

Homework Sheets – Pasted into homework books

ClassDojo – Talk with your teacher about signing up

Facebook – www.facebook.com/Windsor-North-School

Email – office@windsornorth.school.nz – please let us know if your email address has changed

Phone –  Call us any time on 217 8819, leave a message if we are not available

Text Absences – Text your absences to 027 774 8469 (we are unable to reply via text) 

Windsor North School students will receive dental appointments from the Waihopai School Dental Clinic.

The grants from the Government are never sufficient to cover all the school’s expenses. While we do have fundraising activities from time to time for special purposes we also ask you to make an annual donation towards the cost of your child’s education. The school donation for 2020 is $120 per child.  An Activity Fee of $25 per student will also be charged to your child’s school account to cover the cost of various bus trips and visiting performances. Automatic Payment instalments are welcomed and can paid via internet banking to Westpac Bank A/C 03 1746 0015369 00
Windsor North School Board of Trustees. 

We are fortunate in having a Hall that can be used for many activities. The Hall is available for hire to outside organisations.

The Public Health Nurse visits our school on a regular basis.  If parents wish to have their child seen, or if they wish to meet with the Health Nurse, they should speak to their class teacher who can arrange this.

Children are invited to join our Kapa Haka group Manaia which performs at a number of annual events.   Information will be sent to parents annually.  

Parent interviews are held twice a year.  Bookings are made via an online booking system and invitations will be sent to parents at the time.  In the meantime if you wish to discuss your child’s progress or if you have any concerns please contact your class teacher.

If you need to collect your child during school hours for any reason please ensure you sign them out at the school office prior to leaving, and sign them back in if they return that day.

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the lunch hour to make purchases at local shops.  

All students will visit the school library on a weekly basis with their class.  The library is also open each lunchtime for children to visit as they wish.

Mondays– Subway

Orders for Subway must be completed online at www.subwayexpress.co.nz by 9am on Monday mornings.  Orders will be delivered to the classrooms at lunch time.

Tuesdays – Lees Canteen

Orders are to be made online at www.facebook.com/leescanteen by Sunday.

Wednesdays – Free Heat Up Service

We ask that suitable food (pies, pizzas etc) be wrapped in tinfoil with your child’s name and room number clearly written on the outside. Pie wrappers suitable for a pie warmer are fine, but please remove any plastic wrapping from mini pizzas. Students are to put their heat up in the classroom basket before school and it will be delivered back to the classroom at lunch time.

Thursdays – Pita Pit

Orders for Pita Pit must be completed online at www.lunchonline.co.nz by 9am on Thursday mornings.  Orders will be delivered to the classrooms at lunch time.

Fridays – PTA Sausage Sizzle

The PTA holds a sausage sizzle every Friday. Orders for a sausage, bread and sauce at a cost of $2 should be made under the junior walkway cover before school. Students line up to collect their sausage from the BBQ at lunch time.

If a child is required to take medication during school hours parents should contact the school office.   A form must be completed with clear instructions for medication to be administered by staff.  All medication must be stored in the medical room. 

We do encourage parents to give medication outside of school hours where possible (i.e. 3 times a day could be before school, after school and bedtime).  

Enrolment forms can be found on this website or can be collected from the school office and should submitted as soon as possible.  We must also sight and copy your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation Record. 

5 year olds may commence school on or after the day of their 5th birthday.  School visits are usually held on the three Wednesday mornings prior to the child’s fifth birthday.  A letter will be posted to you confirming dates and times. 

Newsletters will be shared via our parent app each fortnight.  

Notices will also be shared via our school app as and when required.

On-site after school care is available at our school hall.  This is run by OSCAR from 3pm to 6pm Mondays to Fridays, and all school holidays. 

Please phone O.S.C.A.R. on 218 9520 for further information and bookings.

Staff welcomes the involvement of parents in class and school activities. Notices are emailed home when parents are required.  If you would like to be a parent helper, please contact the class teacher.

Parking is available on Chelmsford Street and Windsor Street.

Parents should not stop their cars on the yellow lines in front of the school to collect children.  This creates a very dangerous situation where children crossing Chelmsford Street step out from behind parked cars and are in danger of being hit by other cars travelling along Chelmsford Street.

The Drive-in Drop-off park should be used in an East to West direction and is a 2 minute park during the hours of 8.30am-9.00am and 3.00pm-3.30pm.  Cars should not be left unattended during these times.

The Rules of Windsor North School are:

  • Use only acceptable language
  • Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable
  • Keep in the right playground areas
  • Be courteous to pupils, visitors and teachers
  • Respect your own property and the property of others
  • Sun hats to be worn terms 1 and 4

Recognition for following the Rules:

  • Positive Behaviour Awards
  • Prize draws
  • A positive note or phone call to parents
  • Praise from the Assistant Principal, Deputy Principal or Principal
  • Positive reinforcement.

We encourage the use of the grounds and outside equipment, out of school time.  We hope that you will help us in preventing damage by reporting any irresponsible behaviour.  People using the grounds out of school hours do so at their own risk.  Please note that skateboards are not encouraged in our school grounds after school hours.

PMP (Perceptual Motor Programming Programme) aims to develop children’s perceptions and understanding through specific activities. 

Windsor North School junior syndicate pupils participate in PMP for 4 sessions per week. Sessions consist of 6 key components, which are language, eye tracking, balance, fitness, eye/hand coordination and locomotion.

Parents must give consent for their child to participate in the Religious Instruction programme offered at school.


Lessons for children in Years 1-4 are for 30 minutes held in school time on Fridays. Children in Years 5-6 will have a 15 minute session every second Friday before their syndicate assembly.

The programme uses the Launchpad Champions Christian Values Education programme.  This is a programme set by the Churches Education Commission which aims to teach Christian values through stories from the Bible and other role models, games, songs and quizzes. It provides children with positive values like being a good friend, respect, making good choices and helping others.  Each lesson has a specific learning outcome and reinforces the values found in the New Zealand Curriculum.  The lessons will be taught by members of various churches in the area who have been police vetted and approved by their church.

Some of the topics covered are shown below. If you would like to know more about the programme please contact Lois Richardson at  mrslrichardson6@gmail.com or visit the Launchpad website https://launchpad.kiwi/


For those students who do not opt in to the Religious Instruction programme they will take part in classroom programmes with Windsor North teachers with a focus on values and/or the key competencies.

Class teachers are responsible for the monitoring, assessment and evaluation of all students in their care.  Written reports are provided to parents twice a year as per ministry guidelines.

Should you have any concerns in relation to your child’s progress please contact the classroom teacher to arrange a time to discuss these.

All children are encouraged to use pedestrian crossings on Chelmsford Street and Herbert Streets.  These crossings have a road patrol on duty from 3pm.

Stationery packs will be available for parents to purchase from OfficeMax at the beginning of each school year. 

During term time children may buy stationery as required from the school office.

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